• Device parameters can be configured via ETS3/ETS4/ETS5

• DA100 KNX-DALI interface operates as a DALI-IEC 62386 standard compliant gateway between KNX line and DALI. DALI line power supply is available as integrated to the device.

• Maximum of 64 DALI devices can be connected to DALI outlet(electronic ballast, LED drive, ECK, sensor).

• The operations such as addressing, grouping, etc. of DALI devices are performed by means of Windows based DALI commissioning software (EAE DALI Commissioning Tool).

• DA100 provides the means for the recording of 16 DALI Group controls and 64 different lighting scenes.

• Each DALI group could be operated with fixed light, corridor and sequence functions.

• The functional and battery testing calendars are loaded on to DALI compliant emergency lighting fixtures to ensure that periodic tests are conducted. The results of the tests conducted are relayed over KNX line.

• DA100 can use up to 8 DALI sensors. Sensors can operate the corridor and fixed lighting functions over DALI Groups. It is possible to relay movement information and brightness value to KNX line.

• The error status of DALI devices can be received by means of different KNX communication objects on device and group basis.

• Intersecting DALI groups can be created.


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