We became the 500th R & D (Research & Development) Center in Turkey..

  • eae-500-arge-merkezi

EAE Technology, a leading organization in building automation industry in Turkey; is registered as an R&D Center by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

A member of EAE Group and successfully producing products and services in Turkish industry since 1973, EAE Technology continues its R&D work with innovative approaches, as the 500th R&D center in Turkey.

Making a difference in the industry through software-hardware technology and production superiority, EAE Technology utilizes its expert staff to develop smart technologies, continuing to design perfectly tailored products while advancing steadily in Europe and the Global arena.

A leader in the industry through its innovative, cutting-edge technology, added value and energy-efficient software and hardware, EAE Technology boasts 100% domestic capital. Continuing its operations as a KNX producer member since 2012, EAE Technology, as the500th R&D Center in Turkey, continues its growth with dedication in this challenging marathon.