• EAE KNX IP router may be used as line or backbone coupler and ensures data connection between KNXnet/IP on top and TP KNX bus line at bottom. Moreover it also ensures electrical insulation between the linked lines.

• EAE KNX IP router is a tunneling and routing device. It establishes ETS connection points to start-up and monitor lines with the IP router channeling protocol. (It also possible to simultaneously create 4 KNXnet/IP connections).

• The device makes it possible to connect to two different KNX installations, and ensures the transmission of telegrams between the local network and different lines.

• IP address of the device may be assigned by DHCP server or by manual configuration.

• It can either block or transmit the telegrams between KNX line and IP medium based on the settings in the device filter table.

• It is possible to close without reconfiguring the ETS parameters of filter table for quick diagnosis thanks to the button on the device.

• After the filter of the routing table and filter table ETS configurable time of the device expires, it may be automatically started up.

• The detailed information is shown with 6 LED in order to define the operating status.


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