• MD100 movement sensor is ideal for indoor use such as in medium and large scale office spaces, conference halls, corridors, classrooms, parking garages. It comes in two models; flush-mounted and surface-mounted. It can detect movements at 2.5 m assembly height in a diameter of 9 m.

• Thanks to the integrated light level sensor and movement sensor it can implement fixed light function depending on the presence of a movement. The current level of ambient light is compared to the lux level desired to ensure the appropriate level of illumination in the area concerned.

• Other than the control of the lighting level, it would also be possible to control the air conditioning and ventilation through HVAC.

• It is possible to send periodic information of different communication object by means of the independent movement monitoring channel. This could be used in movement monitoring applications.

• It can operate in parallel connection with other sensors either on standalone or master-slave basis depending on application requirements.

• Based on the state of use of the external controls (button, switch, other sensors, etc.) full or semi automatic operating modes could be set-up.

• Test and calibration modes are convenient during installation.

• Does not need external feed as it receives its feed over KNX line


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