Product News

EAE Signature on Knx Automation Sensor

EAE Technology believes that building energy-efficient buildings with high comfort atmospheres should be much easier and more economical than traditional solutions. Therefore, we are introducing PD and MD series sensors to the domestic and international market by adding a new one to the products we are developing on building automation systems.

The PD and MD series are energy-efficient and comfort front-end products that work with the KNX infrastructure integrated with building automation systems and motion / asset and daylight sensor developed for use in commercial buildings.

The motion and daylight sensor, which was designed in two separate categories as a basic concept, took its place in the EAE's product range with the presence and daylight sensor.

The PD series presence and daylight sensors are used in the environment where table openings such as open offices are used and MD series motion detectors are used in transition areas. These sensors are able to respond aesthetically to any installation requirement either in plaster applications or on plaster applications. It provides architecturally effective solutions thanks to its specially designed thin structure in under-floor applications. At the same time, the architectural needs are taken into account in particular, the different color options you need to create the most appropriate decorative solutions.

With integrated daylight sensors in the sensor, you can easily capture a constant light level in the environment.

PD and MD series sensors can be used up to 4.5 meter mounting height. Daylight calibrations of the PD and MD series sensors can be performed in just a few minutes.

PD and MD series products developed by EAE technology have been taken domestically and internationally as of September 2015.