● Movement and Daylight Sensor Control

The lighting and air conditioning devices are controlled by means of sensors sensitive to movement.

● Schedule Management

Automatic control of devices is ensured by means of daily, weekly monthly or custom developed schedules.

● Daylight Dependent Control

Both indoor and outdoor lighting requirements can be managed by means of daylight related controls.

● Zone Control On/Off

Standard lighting fixtures can now be managed in line/group basis by means of switching modules.

● Air Conditioning Controls

Heating/cooling monitoring and management is in your hands thanks to the fancoil control units.

● Central Monitoring / Control

The monitoring and control functions are managed centrally in a convenient manner and with speed over architectural visuals.

● DALI Control

You can monitor and manage your lighting fixtures of dimmable and addressable nature.

● Curtain/Blind Control

You can control your curtains/blinds and/or sunshades according to the daylight, time of the day over a central monitoring system.

● Emergency Lighting Status Reporting

Reports the battery testing and error status of the emergency lighting fixtures available in the facility.

● Reporting of Alarms and Warnings

Provides instant warnings over SMS and e-mail and saves time in special situations where the establishment is required to respond promptly.