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Card Reader With Door Access

In order to use the EAE Card Reader Door Access, which controls the passage of guests from the doors of the hotel and enables the security of the rooms, the receptionists are given card coder first. The card encoder enables the cards to be coded and the time to enter the room.

General Specification

  • RFID 13.56 Mhz. contactless card lock system large mirror model
  • Wide-glazed mirrored door handle to cover existing traces and holes
  • Handle operating system which is normally independent of lock, providing long lock life.
  • Lockable 5-latch lock system with anti-panic function, externally interlocked and mechanically lockable with external mechanical key.
  • In case of interlocking, it gives a ”do not disturb, message with red light.
  • It can operate at 0-65 ° C, 10-90% Rh (non-condensing humidity) ambient values.
  • 2-year or 50,000 battery life. Low battery warning (200 times more expansions after warning)
  • Has 800 trip memory. (card type, card number, date, time, etc.) information as IR transfers to the information receiving device.