Rosa thermostats continue to add value to your space with frameless design. Rosa offers a unique user experience and intuitive operation with its touch design, brushed metal surface and minimalist icons.

Rosa KNX Thermostats


Touch sensitivity....

Rosa metal and glass series offer an unique user experience with the use of touch sensitivity.


Cultivated metal surfaces...

Cultivated metal surfaces adds aesthethic apperance to your space. Rosa brushed metal thermostats contain 4 different color alternatives. (Natural, Gold, Bronze, Anthracite)


Feedback LEDs...

Whereby the feedback LEDs in Rosa's unique design, you can monitor the status of lighting, curtains / blinds and air conditioners in your living spaces at a glance.


Navigation LED...

Reach to your thermostat & switch easly and safely in the dark with the navigation LEDs on Rosa.


Meet Rosa glass thermostats ...

Add value to your living spaces with Rosa glass and metal thermostat collection.

Rosa thermostat, where the classical and modern lines meet, adds a harmony to the place.